Thursday, January 29, 2009

Regional sources of news: Australia

It is pretty handy having English as a native language. There are countries around the world that share the same tongue...Australia, for instance. Here are some podcasts from their national broadcasting corporation: a general look at the possibilities, religion and those on science. I spent many decades listening to Radio Australia and its coverage of their nation and Asia in news and culture. That broadcast outlet's podcasts are generally mentioned here, with my own particular focus on past radio broadcast coverage evident in my choices of
Breakfast Club Web page/podcast:

(Duration: 20 min, filesize: 9 MB MB , Updated daily)

The Breakfast Club is Radio Australia's window on what's happening in Asia. From Monday to Friday Phil Kafcaloudes and Adelaine Ng present a selection of their best interviews and segments.

Asia Pacific Web page/podcast:

(Duration: 25 min, filesize: 13 MB , Updated daily)

Keeping you up to date with what's happening in our region, Asia Pacific brings you the very latest coverage and analysis on what's making headlines throughout Asia and the South Pacific.

Innovations Web page/podcast:

(Duration: 27 min, filesize: 12 MB , Updated weekly)

A showcase of Australian design, discoveries, invention, engineering and research skills from Radio Australia. Updated every Tuesday.

If that doesn't sat your thirst for knowledge of Australia or Asia in general, comment and let's discuss what you might be looking for.

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