Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Judging why the judges decide NOT to judge

This opinion piece has a really good idea, taken from my own viewing of the facts in this miscarriage of justice. We elect and appoint judges to judge. They know when their right to recuse themselves should be implemented. However, they don't have to tell WHY they are recusing themselves. A cascading set of such actions has set the stage to nullify a correct verdict in a lower court. Worth a read...

Creating a file/folder text listing in Windows

Creating a file list to send others in Windows. Have you ever (like me) wanted to send someone a list of files in a folder or a list of folders on a drive? (in Windows, but you were stifled by Windows' lack of ability to perform that function?) Well, laydeez and gennulmen, SUFFER NO MORE!
I followed these SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS and created the ability to do such in my Windows operating system in about 3 minutes, which included reading the instructions. Why the Microsoft overlords would fail to put such in the operating system is beyond me...but now it can be done.