Tuesday, April 28, 2009

File this under "Who Knew?"

I'm guessing you know lots of questions that you've never voiced. Perhaps you even know questions that no one has ever asked you. If you stretch a little and don't look too close, you might even be AWARE of questions you've never thought of.

Then there's this post about a topic that almost defies description. I'll leave it at that and see if you are curious.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

This ole house

This is another of the wonderful images from the same collection as the last post. This one is from a place that commenters say is now practically downtown Houston, though in May of 1943 it doesn't appear to be quite the busy street that it likely is now.

I like the wraparound porches, the turret, the laundry, the spilling over of the baskets of fruit to the front of the house and the soft drink advertising on the store. I like the delivery wagon and the horse. The composition is excellent.


This display of photos from much earlier times
needs folks to view it. The example image I included above is a good example, though there are both images of things and people in it. One person who commented on the photo decided it should have been called, "Burning Ring of Fire". That appealed to the punster in me.

But the image itself is a thing of beauty. This image shows a moment in the process of putting a new steel tire on a locomotive wheel. (Who knew they even DID such things?)

Comments? (either this shot or the whole of the collection)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Confused about the economy?

Confused about the economy and how we got here?

This show of Fresh Air from National Public Radio is the clearest and most humanly digestible view of how we got here that I've ever heard. Go to the linked page and click on the player to listen to the show. The show is from April 3, 2008, so it does not include happenings after that time, except, if you listen to it, you will see how they unfolded. It has all the main points wrapped nicely and presented clearly.

Here's what NPR says about the show:
Law professor Michael Greenberger joins Fresh Air to explain the sub-prime mortgage crisis, credit defaults, the shaky future of other types of loans and what we can expect from the U.S. financial markets.

Greenberger is a professor at the University of Maryland School of Law and the director of the University's Center for Health and Homeland Security.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

David Wilcox "Native Tongue"

I was listening to the Village channel on XM/DirecTV audio today and
heard this piece. I could NOT avoid immediately running to the
computer and searching to see if I could find it to share with you.

Well, here it is. I hope you started it up even before you read these
words. It will envelop you like a warm blanket on a cool night.

It is a "must listen", even though the room echoes are bad and there's lots of treble. Worth hearing!!!


Monday, April 20, 2009

A poem to a blueberry

I like them. I was invited to pick the end-of-the-year leavings after all the crowds had come and gone from a blueberry farm near Bastrop. I expected to pay. The owner-lady and I spent about two and a half hours, chatting and picking, discussing life and finding the berries. When she washed and put them up into bags, I was floored by the offer of the berries. We loved them and treasured each culinary delight made with them. I will likely never forget her generous gift.

Enjoy this poem if you like the berries. Or maybe if you just like poems. It is presented as part of Garrison Keillor's daily offering for a recent day.


Friday, April 17, 2009

For a brighter day, click here!

Wow! A friend sent along this link, whose subtext on the YouTube page was translated by Google to say in slightly cracked English as:
Antwerp Central goes out of his roof because Looking for Maria is coming! View more than 200 dancers and dancers of the station on his head onto the sounds of the Sound of Music!
If you watch the short video, I don't think there is a whit of a chance that you won't have a better day for it. C'mon, now...join in the fun.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ben Bedford: good news for old ears

I have been giving much attention through the main part of the house the last week or so (since I discovered the channel on my satellite media supplier's, DirecTV channel 813, music choices from XM) to the audio channel called simply "Village".

Today I found a fellow that instantly caught my attention as being in the same style as the music we all liked so much. His name is Ben Bedford. Here are some links to ways to read about him or hear him (and actually BUY some of his music, should that be your choice).

Web page info
where you can listen to MP3 versions of
Mother Jones On The Line
As Long As Your Eyes Are Blue

His own Web site

MySpace coverage
where you can hear
The Sangamon <= this is the one I heard today on Village Land of the Shadows
Lincoln's Man
Harley Albright
Goodbye Jack

I was unable to find anything by him on YouTube.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Signs of missing the point on a past technology

A friend sent me the Craig's list advertisement here. When I first read it, I had a sharp intake of breath. Then a long, outward sigh of recognition. Someone had missed the point. In selling antiques there is always someone who removes the old varnish and spiffs up the ancient piece of furniture, thus ruining its antique value. Well, this one is either a very long pull of a very long leg or someone who has missed the technology bus and is still running along on roller skates.