Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ben Bedford: good news for old ears

I have been giving much attention through the main part of the house the last week or so (since I discovered the channel on my satellite media supplier's, DirecTV channel 813, music choices from XM) to the audio channel called simply "Village".

Today I found a fellow that instantly caught my attention as being in the same style as the music we all liked so much. His name is Ben Bedford. Here are some links to ways to read about him or hear him (and actually BUY some of his music, should that be your choice).

Web page info
where you can listen to MP3 versions of
Mother Jones On The Line
As Long As Your Eyes Are Blue

His own Web site

MySpace coverage
where you can hear
The Sangamon <= this is the one I heard today on Village Land of the Shadows
Lincoln's Man
Harley Albright
Goodbye Jack

I was unable to find anything by him on YouTube.


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