Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Adam Savage's Maker Faire 2012 Talk: Why We Make

I like the MAKE: movement. This is a video of this season's keynote address.
I'm not so much interested in the magazine (I've tried it), but the blog
has a level of consistently interesting posts. I share some of them. Others
do not seem to rise to the level of things my friends would enjoy seeing.

I got caught up in the ham radio/electronics projects from PopTronics/
little radios/larger transmitters/Electronics Specialty Explorer Post
that was sponsored by General Telephone HQ engineers in San Angelo/
Air Force MARS meetings where they FORCED you to take old radio equipment
home to tear up and reuse/Saturday mornings in good weather as a teen,
riding the city bus across town, tool box in hand, hat on head to tear
up old technology from telephone gear, military, car radios, household
radios, etc. to scavenge parts.

I want today's kids to find that: In the MAKE: movement, I believe they have.
They are the excitement that will lead to tomorrow's engineers and another
surge in technology design creativity.