Monday, April 11, 2011

Social networking?: That’s How We Roll

Who knew that this bizarre looking device was the basis for a whole sport in Germany?

I think with my loss of half my balance center (my left inner ear), this might make me very sick. But I would have really enjoyed it, I believe, before this happened. It even seems to be oriented to electrical least the way this fellow gained the hoops to use.

Comments welcomed.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New physics rider on a dark horse

There may be a new cowboy in Physics Town, riding in on a dark horse, just as the saloon is closing down for good. Check the link, pardner.

Monday, April 4, 2011

How to (possibly) get your lost camera back

I followed this Washington Post Technology tip's advice today. I created a textual image of the default camera image size that told how to get the camera back to me by various ways AND I included a small image of my face, in case I might be in the room with the finder when they discovered my missing camera. That last is something the article failed to mention. I also made the filename of the file one that included what it was for and my name. I pasted the photo image in the default sub-folder of the card where my images live AND in the root of the card in case I forgot and removed the special image from the sub-folder when I remove the photos.

But, this only works if you create and store the suggested image RIGHT NOW to your camera's memory card. And, while you're at it, also store the image to the extra cards you keep in your camera bag. Someone finding THEM might return the bag to you if they see your request.

Comments welcomed.