Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ideas for a "Homemade Christmas"

My friend, Gary, said:
Avoid the "Great Gift Card Exchange" AKA "Money Swap"..... here's a starting place.... http://www.instructables.com/community/Letter-from-the-Editor-Homemade-for-the-Holidays/

To which I added:
Here are more thoughts for the homemade gift group:
Hand scrub with lemon
Homemade gift contest winners
More gifts to make
Gift cards you can make
Gifts for "foodies" on your list
If you have a youngster, this might be interesting:

Whatever you have in mind beyond these ideas, you are welcome to make a comment here.

Monday, November 22, 2010

POEM: Ode to "Weeping Onion (in the desert)"

Ode to "Weeping Onion (in the desert)"
(c) Richard Herndon 2010

I thought that my eyes
Were running in tears,
From peeling an onion
I'd had for years.

I thought that my life
Was down in the drain,
From living a life
I'd never regain.

I thought that you'd done
A painting for me.
My life seemed so much
Like the image, you see.

I thought that I'd peel
The layers on back,
And wind up again,
My life now on track.

I thought that when
I finished peeling it away,
My essential life'd be
Full of color, not gray.

I thought that would be
The life so good and grand,
But when I finished it was
"Weeping Onion" in the sand.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Inside - Outside | A Poem

Inside - Outside
(c) Rick Herndon 2010

On the furniture,
Inside the rooms,
Inside the house,
Inside your mind.

Soft the cushions,
Warm the air,
Light the music,
Inside your mind.

Color the dream,
Swap the images,
Hear the speaking,
Inside your mind.

Solve the equations,
Write the themes,
Study the books,
Inside your mind.

Get the degree,
Get the job,
Get the recognition,
Inside your mind.

Have the marriage,
Have the children,
Have the grandchildren,
Inside your mind.

Resolve your problems,
Rethink your life,
Isn't life lovely,
Outside your mind?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Now for the NEWS (?)

I just got around to reading this commentary by Ted Koppel to the Washington Post today. Within the last three months, I finally got around to seeing "Good Night and Good Luck", the story of Edward R. Murrow's battle to report the truth during the McCarthy hearings. I can't help but feel that this commentary should also be seen by everyone.

Growing up listening to shortwave radio broadcasts from both sides of the "Iron Curtain", I early on picked up on the obvious propaganda efforts. But, back then they were government sponsored by each of the different governments. What this commentary covers is a breakdown of our news system and corporations changing the expectations of new crops of consumers (which is seemingly how we're viewed).

Worth a read.