Tuesday, April 28, 2009

File this under "Who Knew?"

I'm guessing you know lots of questions that you've never voiced. Perhaps you even know questions that no one has ever asked you. If you stretch a little and don't look too close, you might even be AWARE of questions you've never thought of.

Then there's this post about a topic that almost defies description. I'll leave it at that and see if you are curious.



  1. Dishwasher safe keyboards. What will they think of next - cleaning computers at the car wash?

  2. Why would any right-thinking individual let a keyboard get full of cat fur, sesame seeds, bran muffin crumbs, and unidentifiable detritus in the first place? I've siphoned about a cubic meter of all that out of other people's equipment....ewwwww!

  3. @texboy
    Who knows? Maybe they were left-thinking?
    Did you use a regular vacuum cleaner or one of those teeny ones? Was the snout you used conductive? Did you use any particular precautions to avoid static damage? Did you do any disassembly?

  4. Actually, now that you mention it, I didn't use negative pressure, but rather the positive kind. Hooked up a length of Tygon tubing to the house air (supposedly free of compressor oil), stuck a Pasteur pipet in the end, and blew the aforementioned detritus to Kingdom Come! We do have a little non-conductive vac, but it's at home; ergo, useless as (fill in the blank)!

  5. @texboy
    Whew. When you first said "house air", I imagined your home piped for 100 p.s.i. compressed air for some purpose. But, by the end of the paragraph, I got it that it was at your workplace. Makes more sense that way.