Thursday, January 8, 2009

Getting the balance: Sanity/Insanity?

When I saw this post to the MAKE blog, I first swayed over heavily to the Insanity side of consideration of the fellow's efforts to thwart gravity, albeit briefly. Then I considered moving back the other way, when weighed against jumping off a cliff and zooming inches away from losing a limb before crashing to earth. Included in that consideration was the concept that he would probably be miles from any cliff side. Bouncing back the other direction, I thought of wearing rocket skates to blast his way through the heavens. Sliding down the slope back into Sanity, I thought that he WAS way up in the air in a hot air balloon before taking the plunge. But, wavering in my thoughts, Insanity won out that there were numerous other folks in the hot air balloon that he was endangering with his flaming rockets when he began his leap.

Thanks for riding along in my ruminations on this latest effort to leap out of a perfectly good (lighter than) aircraft and survive the fall to earth. Comments welcomed.

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