Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Building a triode

What can I say? The Holy Grail of music has seemingly (at least during our lifetimes) been the perfect amplifier. That piece of electronica which can reach the world with music.

Or if you're a ham radio operator, reach the world with your own voice or digital signal or Morse Code: to communicate completely and sufficiently with those whom you'd like to carry on a conversation.

The linked blog posting deals with a video that celebrates a kind of amplifier. The first amplifier, to be exact. The triode vacuum tube as realized by Lee De Forest so long ago. That tube started in many ways the modern electronic age. It is when the writer found, as the MAKE blog post says,
...this documentary about the 2006 European Triode Festival in the Netherlands, celebrating the 100th anniversary of this game-changing electronic component. To celebrate, a copy of the De Forest Audion (the first triode) was replicated. This video documents the build.
One of the most watched videos of the whole MAKE blog was one where a triode was constructed.


  1. Very good Rick, but I'm still loooking for the door into summer........as the RH story. RAS