Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cat hair handbags

Now one can often find combinations of words that SEEM to make sense. But, if taken at their face value (with the attendant "normal" connotations), they seem to be outside of the norm by enough standard deviations to either be impossible or unlikely. In today's world, it seems, unlikely may be evident around us.

This video details (er, we won't go into the pun that might be possible there) the work of...well, let's look at the MAKE blog entry for the video:
Erica points out this vid on cat groomer Danielle German - Unhappy tossing all the hair leftover from a thorough longhaired feline shave, Danielle decided to try spinning the otherwise unwanted fur into a "silky yarn" fit for an owner's purse.
This CERTAINLY goes ta show ya that it takes ALL KINDS to make up this world!

(The image is from CattyShackCreations.com and has attached such sayings as: "Purr-zazz"; "Shed Happens". Hope they sell some from their Web page ad.)

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