Tuesday, December 2, 2008

WiFi heaven

People are always asking me if they can get amplifiers or some way to extend their WiFi connection or make it reach another building. There are many paths to nirvana in this dimension.

Here is a solution for needing to reach a little farther inside your house or to your patio.

Here is one solution for intermediate distance with a path to either locations in a line or one distant location.

Here is another solution, using the can antenna from the above solution as the launching pad to reach up to 10 miles if one of these antennas is used on each end.

Another, commercial solution is any of these antennas from a commercial company MFJ Enterprises, Inc. They also sell the connection cables to your WiFi box.

I hope this helps your efforts. You must have an external antenna with an antenna connection jack for the last three and the first one requires just an external antenna upon which to hang the directional reflector.

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