Thursday, December 25, 2008

The ups and downs of elevators

Our 3-stop elevator at the church broke last Sunday night. As the resident electrical engineer, everyone came to me to solve the problem. We had a fellow in a 370-pound electrical wheelchair on the third space, who was trying to get back to the ground level to go home after the choir cantata. Ours is roughly equivalent to the model 300 here. Ours is an "Elevette" made by that same company and installed in 1983.

An hour or so later, I'd tried everything I could think of, checking limit switches, breakers, door closings, etc. We finally loaned the fellow a regular chair and helped him down the two flights of steps to exit the church.

We found out lots of things that aren't "up to snuff" about the elevator instructions, location of key, phone number for the repairman. It was definitely a learning experience. Standing out there Monday with the repairman in upper-30's temperatures was also a learning experience! He did find out that it was a special part that won't be able to be shipped to our location until after Christmas, so no joy for those who would attend the Christmas Eve service with definite needs to get up into our multi-story building with this device's assistance. Of all things that could delay the return to operation, it was a burned out coil on the main power contactor that directs the lift motor to send the car UP or DOWN. You just don't find those under the nearest rock.

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  1. I am glad you were able to get the man down stairs without calling the paramedics. Brenda Smith, younger sister to Helen and Dorothy (Dotty), fell and was unable to get up and they had to be called to get her up. I have have heard of things like that happening when the paramedics were called.
    I hope your problem is fixed soon.
    We went to Sylvia's for Christmas and had a wonderful Christmas. Everyone from that part of the country was there except Jeff and Darrell and they are working in Ozona, TX.
    Then as always happens, I got sick. I suffered a lot of pain and developed a staff infection on my lower lip again. This time it is on the right side instead of the left like it was last time. Don took me to the Urgent care when we got home. Apparently I get Cellulitis on my face where as Don's appears on his ankles. I have had one round of IV antibiotics and I have to go back for a second round today at noon plus I have ten days of CLINDAMYCIN to finish it off. My blood sugar has been reading very high, but I just discovered the battery in my meter is shot, so that may have been part of the problem. I will replace batteries today.
    So we both had Christmas experiences we will not forget. Thursday we will make a one day round trip to Mathew's for the second half of our Christmas. I hope there is as good a turn-out as was at Sylvia's. That would be icing on the cake.
    Take good care of yourself cousin Rick. Love, Ruby