Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Open the door...Robot"

To oh-pun on an old song title ("Open the Door, Richard"), I offer this short tale to give you smiles on a cold almost-winter day. It might make your foam mustache quiver from your melted marshmallow in your cuppa hot chocolate!

Ref: music here and lyrics here.


  1. And you just stood on the other side of the door and laughed, I bet!

  2. If 'twere I who were the famed "Richard" in question, 'twould be a proper question. But, I was only a wee lad when all this was taking place. I do remember the song from popular AM station play of the day. I remember back when AM radio stations played MORE than ONE KIND of music per station. Some of them even had times of day for different types of music/programming.