Monday, September 1, 2008

Nixies from the Nixon era: for your profound messages to the world

A fellow electrical engineer has created what he calls his "Nixie Shoutbox" for those in the know to shout their profound statements to the world. They only run for a little while, then the display goes back to date and time. The plasma gas display tubes were designed for a stock market display back in the 1960's. I've enjoyed interacting with the owner and his cat (who are sometimes visible in the videocam from which you view this engineering wonder) as well as having conversations with other ham radio operators on the nixies, treating them like radio conversations.

The builder got his impetus for building the device from this page, which is filled with nixie devices. He was kind enough to send a very long list of similar devices in a mail today.

If you poke around on his site, you can see a photo list of how he built his device and you can look around his place, which is out in California, using the site's remotely controlled video cameras for looking at his sleeping cat or through the windows for a nice night view of nearby buildings.

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