Saturday, September 13, 2008

3-D image available of the Iwo Jima flag raising

Now, that subject is just one that I never thought I'd be either typing or uttering. How can technology go backward in time to bring such an image to fruition? Check it out. And don't forget to dig up those 3-D glasses you tucked away for a rainy day.

Each time we think that we've wrung about all we can from some situation or that we have all the information gathered into a definitive bundle, science and human ingenuity come forth to bring a new basket full of goodies to grandma's house!

When I was in high school, reading science fiction short stories at the library in about 1963, I recall reading one where scientists had figured out how to solve murders by being able to recreate the scene of the murder if they did so within a few hours of the crime, the scene remained undisturbed, and it occurred indoors. If you keep up with criminology science or (if you're not scientifically inquisitive in your reading) if you watch any or all of the current CSI crop of crime shows (or the new Bones) on television, you will just be boggled by all the science that has flowed together to create a 21st-century approximation of that step. Careful detective work by enough police technologists, enough thought on the part of the detectives, coupled with good writing of the show's authors, lead us to a logical conclusion and the solution of the crime.

As in another science fiction story I read not too long ago, the society's images will more and more be present to all on the worldwide web of computers connected together, making such images more common. Any big event will have multiple photographers recording it, side by side and from different angles, making 3-D and quasi-solid images viewable from all around more and more possible.

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