Friday, March 13, 2009

Views on the future of Afghanistan

This interview brings the political and strategic happenings in Afghanistan into focus. It is a video interview from last month, where former-CIA officer Milton Bearden discusses the future of Afghanistan. It is not overtly political, but instead deals with the strategies of the U.S. in dealing with Pakistan and Afghanistan. I find it to be refreshing and frank talk about recent history and proposed strategies leading to future history of the region.

A second interview text is here. I believe it to be from 1998-1999, though I didn't find any particularly clear dating of the occasion. It is part of a larger PBS series on Bin Laden in the interviews section. Although it is dated, Milton Bearden's expertise and facility with the history and customs of the area shines through. It does provide insights, I believe.

Thanks to a friend for alerting me to this information. Comments welcomed.


  1. Thanks for posting this. It is a long read and a lot of information but well worth the time and effort. It is also timely as we are at a decision crossroads with respect to the Afghanistan situation.

  2. Agreed in all respects. Thanks for reading.