Monday, March 23, 2009

Puns: both intended and not

I had run across this cartoon before, but it really didn't strike me as something that might be worth reading until a fellow engineer buddy pointed me to the one on wind turbines. While I was looking that over, I happened to notice the one shown at the top of this posting. That one, of course, had even more connection to my mind. So, I'm sharing them with you (with attribution, of course, to Randall Munroe of

Enjoy and comment if needed to relieve the pressure on your mind.


  1. Reminds me strongly of a Pfeiffer cartoon from long ago, dealing not with Punnage but with "l'esprit de l'escalier:" Couple lying in bed, husband says, "boy, when the boss said that to me this morning, I should have said...." Wife says, "you always say that, long after the fact; give me a break!" One panel with no dialogue, then husband's thought balloon: "boy, when she said that, I should have said...."

  2. Hard to beat Jules Pfeiffer, that's for sure. He had a way of skewering your brain on points you didn't even KNOW were points until the point struck!