Monday, March 2, 2009

New Musical Instruments: Right ON!

I entered this interesting musical instrument site through a reference to the Feedback Piano. The author, Chris Warren, notes that he is building musical instruments [real and imaginary].

There are 7 videos associated with the Feedback Piano entry. I watched them all and REALLY liked #4, the MoPhO or Mobile Phone Orchestra!

There are several additional musical instruments on the site (Flote, Slinky, Pond), videos of their actions and papers written about them and their uses.

Comments welcomed.


  1. IMHO the sounds created by the computerized loop would qualify as a musical instrument. The reverberation of ambient sounds would not. Agree or disagree? Either way it is a cool creation.

  2. Any musical instrument is OK by me howsoever it vibrates air into tunes!

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  3. @ Radiodayz

    Thanks for commenting. Well, the reverberations are not a musical instrument, but IMO having reverberating strings makes the sitar, for example, a really different instrument from the guitar or banjo. And the amplification of sounds off of the piano soundboard are not music until someone plays another instrument near the strings to make them sympathetically vibrate.

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