Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tributes: A Cappella <==> Amore

From friends Judy and Steve, we see (stick with us here, it builds):

Watch a tribute to composer John Williams and "Star Wars".

Once you've regained your composure from that and you're ready,
then move along to a funky breakdown to "Waste Time".

If that seemed good to you and you're still okay, then this more expansive
tribute to the spiritual piece, "Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho"
might impress you.

Are you ready to be amazed? Here's a tribute to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" in 64 parts! done by François Macré.

That concludes our tributes for this post. I hope you are now in the mood to hang around and SING! a cappella.


  1. Indeed a delightful form of the art. For even more, tune in to WERS at Emerson College in Massatoosetts (www.wers.org) from 2-5 PM Eastern, Saturdays and Sundays; it's the All A Cappella show; good stuff!

  2. Thanks. I'm still trying to get over the seeming failure of The BOBS in finally beginning to include musical instruments in their peculiarly wonderful comedic works of a cappella music. /Wah!/

    But this blog post was aimed squarely at one person duplicating themselves technologically. Not bringing in the larger world of a cappella music.

    Thanks for the link & times, though.