Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Field scope use for iPhone

Well, this isn't great, but it reminds me of using a cell phone camera in a pinch out in the field, when the proper tool isn't available. It seems that this version is very limited in that it can only analyze the sounds that come into the microphone hole in the phone. Therefore, in many circumstances, you would have to put yourself into odd positions to aim the microphone at the source you are trying to analyze, while simultaneously trying to hold the phone where you could view the results. That seems not only a challenge to do, it was quite a challenge to adequately describe in a meaningful way.

If any readers actually try this, I would surely like to read the results.


  1. Who would have conceived of such a thing not that long ago??!! Even more amazing (to a simple soul such as I) is the app called Shazam that can listen to a tune on the radio for 5-7 seconds and then tell you what it is and where to buy it. Mamma mia!!

  2. Yeah, I've heard of that one.

    I want to see one next where I can point the software to an image file on my computer or a URL and it will feed it somehow to a Google-like browser and find EITHER similar or exact copies of the image, returning the URLs of same to my screen.