Saturday, November 15, 2008

Flash! goes the light in my shop!

The deed is done on the 12'x12' workshop electrification project. 18 yards of 10-12" deep trench, finished by a tin can to dump all the dirt out. An electrician friend did the electrical parts. We have lunch once or twice weekly and he rides to ham club with me every month. WHAT A PAL!

Everything that can hurt does hurt...a lot. As I told one correspondent: these hands are used to throw Frisbees and type on keyboards...not smash shovels into hard, dry dirt, swing grubbing hoe/picks for hours on end (with rests about every ten minutes...I am getting on in years) and using leather-palm gloves to use tin cans to scrape and toss all the dirt in the trench. Two Aleve tabs and prolly an early-to-bed for me. The hands will get over the cramping, trembling and bruising in a few days. All is well.


  1. Busy hands are happy hands....especially when one is holding two Aleve and the other a glass of water after the motive force is connected to your ulterior motive. Congratulations.

  2. Let us see some pix of your handiwork, O Ditchmeister!! :-))

  3. @Other readers:
    I sent the photo link by separate email.

  4. Why am I not surprised that you're complaining about finally doing some real work? :-)

  5. Ahem, well, I do real work from time to time, so it isn't "finally" for the time frame. I'm hoping you'll follow suit and get that big ole radio tower up on stilts. At least get a dipole up. I'm on my way in that direction.

    My hands have healed and my body is back to normal, pain-wise.