Monday, October 27, 2008

Nestlé Signatures Treasures "Limited Edition" Hazelnut!

Every once in a while, there comes on the world scene something that causes earthquakes in the midst of large continents. This time, I discovered it in a grocery store. The Nestlé Signatures Treasures "Limited Edition" Hazelnut candies were what happened to me on the way to grandma's house. When I discovered them, I purchased almost every bag I could find...certainly all I could afford. I've kept them frozen for several years, hoping that Nestlé would bring them back. Alas. Today I searched the Web for them, only to be disappointed. I called Nestlé with the same result.

To unwrap one of the little chocolate treasure chests and munch away at it is to be transported to some pirate treasure lagoon, waves lapping in the background and large parrots screeching in far-off trees. Warm breezes rustle through your hair as sand cradles you on the beach.

I'm sorry if you missed out on them. The last bag is rapidly disappearing from our freezer. more.


  1. Yuck! It's all I can do to resist throwing a stink-bomb into every Starbucks and Dunkin D serving h-nut coffee, but to adulterate precious chocolate with it is going TOO FAR! But I'm glad you're enjoying them, O misguided one!! :-))

  2. I'll have to agree with you on the coffee flavoring. I go straight for the half-and-half...plain. I've had three waitresses in the last couple weeks ask me if (when I ask for it at ordering time to avoid getting the powdered drek they serve for "whitener" at coffee shops and restaurants) I am actually requesting half coffee and half decaffeinated coffee by that request. I've now become rather hardened to the abject lack of knowledge on their parts and say, "No, ma'am. I'll have half milk and half cream if you have it available." They stare at me like a deer in the headlights and leave, mumbling something under their breath. When they return with my coffee, I usually get it served proudly with reconstituted, liquid drek in little containers that says in microscopic print, "Contains no dairy products". //sigh// This surely is NOT Wisconsin!

  3. You tell me about a delectable hazelnut candy and then say that there is no more available and never will be? I am not a purist about chocolate and adding hazelnuts merely enhances the cocoa bliss. But I will never get a chance to try this choco-classic, you say. Oh the wound is deep. Excuse me. I will console myself by ordering some Quisp online.

  4. I just figured SOMEONE needed to memorialize this delectable concoction!

    Check out "Ice Cubes" candy from Germany if the thought of hazlenuts and chocolate starts the salivary glands flowing.

    Or U-NO bars from Warning: I can't swear these are the same as the ones I ate and drooled over in California in the 1960's.
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