Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Agglomeration of blogs & podcasts of interest

I have a good deal for you. Go and bookmark in your browser
and log in with your Google or Gmail ID and password. With that, you can agglomerate all your blog reading, including your own for quick reference in one place. I use it EVERY DAY. I recommend it to you.

Kept up with in Google Reader:


as well as these blogs

Music blogs:
Keep the Coffee Coming
Lonesome Music

PRI:Selected Shorts
60-Second Science

Writing blogs:
Keyhole Full of Lollipops
I Was the State
Irreverent Reverend
News of the Weird Daily
Strange Horizons Reviews

Art blogs:
Thick Air Gallery

Tech blogs:
MAKE Magazine
NYT > Personal Tech

The podcasts I follow via iTunes podcast agglomerator are:
APM: A Prairie Home Companion's News from Lake Wobegon
APM: American RadioWorks
CBC Radio: Words at Large
for other means
Smithsonian Folkways -- The Folkways Collection
[I can no longer find a way to the treasure trove of wonderful podcasts.]
WGLT-FM Public Radio -- GLT Jazz Next <= download latest manually
NPR: Fresh Air Podcast
NPR: Talk of the Nation Podcast
BBC Radio Scotland -- Scotland Introducing
Chicago Public Radio -- This American Life
The Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour Podcast

And here's how to pick your favorite NPR program podcast

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