Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In-Seuss-iance and In-verse logic

I've just been passed a note (like in grade school class) that contains such a delightful and droll poem that I must pass it on. Whatever can we read but poetry that brings such a spreading of delight? It settles like sugar on warm cookies as the reading continues through the verses. Here is today's sweet delight!

A sample few lines from the beginning of it:
The queens and grand poo-bahs
In their postmodern palaces
Had time on their hands
But no grist or analysis!
and the title of it:
Deconstructing Dr. Seuss - An "Owed"
Now, if that doesn't tickle your mind's ear and cause prickling in your punny, funny bones, then this poem might not be for you. So sad if it isn't. So glad if it is.

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