Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Web Playroom

Okay, there are things that you can miss in life...or a day...or a month...or for a while, and things will be just the same...maybe even better. But, if you miss out on watching/hearing THIS VIDEO, then I'm not sure how it will affect you. But (listen to me now), you will not be the same as you will be if you DO watch/listen to it. I'm betting that there is something for just about everyone that will change you when you listen to this one. You will have a slightly skewed vision of the world; maybe you will have an elevated mood for a while (or forever). You might even get elected to some office (or leave one that you've already been elected to), but I really shouldn't speculate on that one.

I'm just suggesting here that you check this out. Let me know here by commenting if you think you might be different after you watch/listen to it. Or if you are not. And why. Or why not.

Comments welcomed. (I am pretty sure I am different.)

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