Wednesday, October 13, 2010

$3 million worth of elapsed time = 3.5 days!

This expenditure seems to pour forth in front of your eyes in 12 minutes. It was actually a fellow with an overlook of the work done at Church and 30th in San Francisco to replace the intersecting streetcar tracks in a public works extravaganza for the householders whose houses are there. He says they were provided with earplugs for the duration.

I think I would have probably gone somewhere on a short vacation or found some place else to stay until it was over. However, this time lapse photography video is fascinating to watch. He used a Canon A590is camera with some software written by others and installed temporarily on boot-up via the SD card used to record the 18,520, automatic-setting photos to create the video. I found out about it via MAKE: blog.

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