Friday, May 29, 2009

Get the rust out

I was reading the MAKE: blog today and found this tidbit of helpful shop lore in the links to the Instructables site. I'm passing it along to anyone who might have OOPSed their way into having items covered in rust, due to unfortunate mental meanderings.

Here's the introduction to the effort:
This is a relatively simple, safe and cheap way to remove light or heavy rust from any ferrous object. I used this process to restore an old wood plane that I bought for $1 (it looked totally un-usable because of the rust). As opposed to grinding, heavy wire brushing and acid bath processes, this method removes none of the original steel and is not noisy or caustic.


  1. This is interesting and useful. The statement "...this method removes none of the original steel..," however, puzzles me a bit. Unless I totally missed the point of a couple of chemistry lessons isn't rust oxidation of the original steel? So removing the rust would be removing some ot the original steel. Good post. Thanks.

  2. I'm guessing they were used to a grinder, so they didn't notice the very thin amount of steel missing with this process.