Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Beyond the pail with the Berrymans

Sometimes, there's a bucket you have to carry with you to hold all the laughter you can't get out at the moment. This duo is BEYOND THE PAIL (in several meanings/spellings). I'm sure they would agree. (grin) I think humor is one of their mainstays, but lo-o-o-ong Wisconsin winter days with nothing to do but write lyrics and music must add, measurably, to their repertoire. I found some YouTube tidbits for your perusal in order to see if their line of humor matches yours. I'm fairly sure it will, as they are all over the compass, humor-wise.

Here's Double Yodel, which is the Berrymans' unique look at this venerable singing technique.

Here's Mr. and Mrs. Noah, a story of compromises of a married couple in an unusual situation.

Here's Why Am I Painting the Living Room?, an absurdist essay.

If you enjoyed these and want more, well, I can't think of any way to assuage that need other than to drop you into their own Web music sales site, though this blog post is NOT a sales pitch.


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