Friday, February 13, 2009

Deluge of the eReader

I've found some really good things today...It could be the beginning of a digital deluge.

This'un here
is really about the best thing I've read on the subject. And that whole thing is just a paragraph and a link from here:
along with the second one's 65 comments and the first one's kazillion (found on the 7th screen as
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with a right-pointing arrow.

Now if both of those don't engage you, I dunno what would. Tell me what you think about either when you've waded through the stuff above in this post.


  1. Good post and timely. As popular as the Kindle is the public still has not yet discovered the ebook. My daughter uses one (the Sony) for her business as all her work related stuff is put out by her company in ebook format. She also downloads novels to read while on airplanes and in airports. Right now, however, for most of us it is just another darn electronic gadget to carry around.

  2. @ Radio Daze
    I'm going with what is ubiquitous to me: my PDA. I keep a few dozen novels and short stories, as well as long reading excerpts sent by a friend from PA, stuffed onto a 1 Gb SD card in the top slot of my Palm E2 PDA with eReader software. I also keep an application where I can pour either my own or others' text and create readable files to open on the PDA when I get the time to peruse them. I've purchased a number of novels (usually science fiction) for reading during boring travel or waiting periods when I have the PDA and nothing else is going on. It also seems to amend (but does not cure) insomnia.