Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bravo! A NYTimes article

I don't often blog about newspaper articles. But this one just caught my attention right off, when I saw its subject: African Internet connection in remote, tiny villages that is supported by Google. Check it out.



  1. I am heartened to see Google supporting this kind of endeavor. Give a society television and it will crawl up out of the dark ages. Give a society the internet and it accelerates the ascent.

  2. Sent to me by a ham/EE/professor in Austin:
    What Convergence? TV's Hesitant March to the Net
    While there is movement by chip makers to spur a new
    generation of TVs with full browser capability, TV
    manufacturers simply do not seem to want it.
    To which he added:
    Once the chips are out and going into the new TVs there will be a landslide movement in that direction. People will not want to buy a new TV that does not have the internet capability. That's my opinion. ... Gene