Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Software Defined Radio Receiver: DC to 1,700 MHz!

Modern electronics is really capable of being tiny. If you look at the projects outlined here, equipment that used to be mounted in 19"-wide metal rack panels for the military when I was in the Navy in the mid-1960s is now able to fit on a thumb-drive-sized "dongle" that plugs into your USB computer port on almost any modern computer! And the abilities of this equipment to do things the older stuff couldn't do are near boundless. When I used the specialized receivers in small communications vans or containers similar to today's shipping containers for overseas commerce, I never expected this degree of reduction in size.
Here are some links to look at this equipment, if you are interested:
A UK project for SDR:
About page:
And an option for HF:

It may be old news to you, but I thought I'd share this.

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