Friday, September 9, 2011

Project Gutenberg Founder Dies

Wow. Somehow I didn't expect THIS fellow to disappear on us. The founder of Project Gutenberg died at 62. Whether or not you have a Kindle, you can download readable eBooks of many, many, many books written further back than a valid copyright goes. Pretty much any classic you can think of is available for free. It won't smell musty and won't take up space on your bookshelf, but there it will be, waiting on you to read it when you wish to do so. Worth a read...and a follow-up visit to see what you can snag to read....and a bookmark in your browser.

Comments welcomed.

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  1. I love my Kindle -- I used to feel a bit guilty because I advocate people reading PAPERS and BOOKS instead of e-zines etc. Yet, there is something wonderful about being able to flip between "books" on my Kindle as I wait for an appointment. Less books to lug around! I admit at home, I still read the "BOOKS" off my shelf. Thanks for the link. And thanking the stars for Project Gutenberg!