Monday, July 18, 2011

The power of one


If you only had ONE word to share with the world, what word would that be?
Imagine taking your moment of universal fame and blurting that word to a worldwide audience, some of whom might actually take it in.
Imagine what they would do with it.
Would it change their lives?
If not, then how many words WOULD it take to change ONE person's life?

Would TWO?

Comments welcomed.
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  1. This was a good post and am glad you took it to "the masses" on FB.

  2. Yeah, some time ago, I set up this blog to be echoed over there after some hours. The comments don't get echoed either way.
    That way, the things I have to say that will quickly move on down the page of daily messages in facebook will do just that...but the things I have to say that I feel are worthy of longer regard reside here for years.
    Have you ever tried to look at something ANYBODY on facebook said a year ago? it is not easy. But in a blog, it is very easy.