Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Large solar arrays come to San Antonio

There are all kinds of negative comments coming the way of renewable energy projects. We went to San Antonio this week and saw this installation. It is impressively LARGE.

"The Blue Wing solar farm near San Antonio, Texas is operational and producing 16.6 megawatts of DC power (14.4 megawatts AC). It’s the largest solar photovoltaic (PV) facility in Texas and the third largest PV farm in the U.S. The amount of generation from the facility is approximately 25,000 megawatt-hours.

"The installation includes a 500-kilowatt demonstration facility where an assortment of thin film and crystalline silicon PV modules as well as a concentrating PV unit have been installed for research and comparison purposes." Quote from Juwi Solar.

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  1. the building of large array type installations has it uses; but wouldnt it be better if all houses and buildings had inbuilt solar panels as part of their roofing structure.. and walls etc.. The grid is already in place, the useage of the power will be on site.. so research development of solar panels needs work toward development into actual roofing material.. why not, weve moved on from leaves beanches and twigs to rushes and the tiles or tin.. now to self powered buildings.