Wednesday, September 22, 2010

English is dead!!

I really enjoy critical essays like this one on the ways folks are misusing our native language these days. We sometimes forget that our forebears did exactly the same thing. There just weren't as many folks around to criticize the results. And spellings seemed to be even less standardized than they are now.

The wife and I played the very enjoyable word-based card game called "Quiddler" for lunch. We had at hand a very official Scrabble Dictionary (4th Edition) that we use to arbitrate our games. Having a dictionary that is ONLY filled with legal words for our game is so superior to using a standard dictionary and STILL arguing over words that, once we got this one in our hands, we haven't looked back.

So, if all I've said makes sense to you and you enjoy words, playing with words and having FUN with words, PLEASE read the link at the top sentence of this post.

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