Monday, May 10, 2010

U.S.A. Oligarchs and Oligarchy For Real?

Well, author Michael Ventura thinks so. In this article in the latest Austin Chronicle newspaper, he posits that notion. If you have a chance to read it, please comment back to this post. Maybe a conversation will ensue?

Comments welcomed.


  1. splendid gibberishMay 13, 2010 at 4:24 PM

    well i posted this link on facebook and here are the responses so far:

    Something to think about but as a member of the Professional Tier, I don't thinks it's quite as extreme of a divide as the article wants to make us believe...many of the members of the true "professions" (doctor, lawyer, veterinarian, pharmacist, dentist, opthalmoligist) make a good living, but are no where near as affluent as those in the ... See Morefinancial industry. And I will send my kids to public school.

    And this just isn't true, as I am a living example:
    "Advanced education, necessary for the top professions, now costs too much for any but the Professional Tier to afford."

    Though the education is extremely expensive, that's why we have a student loan system.

    i think you are the EXCEPTION to this rule Jess
    just for fun i did the math here
    and i figured instate tuition for a undergraduate degree
    it says for a $20,000.00 a year loan over a 20 yr period this is what you pay:... See More
    Cumulative Payments: $148,793.41
    Total Interest Paid: $68,793.41

    It is estimated that you will need an annual salary of at least $74,396.40 to be able to afford to repay this loan.
    every year!

    i know that is not possible for almost all the college grads i know right now.
    i always thought i would send my kids to public school too, until KERA came along. however i do believe we would have done better to move and send our kids to public school in some other place and bank that tuition for college...
    but hindsight is always 20/20

    i am curious to see what cyn is offered in student loans for next year.

    awaiting the description of the Marginal Tier.

    i will post your blog as a link as well
    i find this very interesting

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, SG. I post lots on fb, but the things I post here are usually stuff that deserves more than just to be GONE off the bottom of the page in a day or two if folks miss it.

    Of course the viewpoint taken by MV in his column is his own. He doesn't have perfect vision, but he sees through the glass, darkly, as most of us do. Any time one tries to generalize about a strata or class of society, there will be errors and folks who just don't fit.

    But the column I linked seems to provide a starting place for a discussion. Thanks for jumping in.